Week 23 – Thoughts and Emotions

I am not Vulcan. To those of you who don’t have a BASIC knowledge of sci-fi…

a) embrace the art

2) Vulcans don’t exhibit emotion

To continue… this class in which I am participating is BASED on science. Atoms, thoughts, quantum physics, energy… it all DRIVES outcome. Having thoughts is one thing, applying emotion, feeling, and intensity is QUITE another. I wasn’t raised with tons of emotion being the norm or acceptable. That’s not to say that it was squelched, it just wasn’t encouraged. We didn’t discuss our feelings. When exercises in this course require me to apply feeling… it is an exponentially difficult challenge. I’m doing it to the best of my ability and I know that I am getting better. I am going along for the ride… I hope I last to the end.


Week 22 – Planting Spiritual Seeds


This concept that we are such powerful beings is a little “heady”. Being raised by the daughter of an old-school engineer has given me a “show-me” attitude about MOST of life. I am willing to go along a path of speculation/patience waiting to see at the end, what will be. I am open minded to a fault (well, maybe not a FAULT, but SUPER open-minded!! LOL!) At the end, I EXPECT to see proof! The real question becomes, “Who is to say where the end lies?”

I am taking a class. This class teaches me how to communicate on another level of consciousness. That MIGHT take some practice. 😉 Am I practicing ENOUGH? Am I practicing CORRECTLY?



I’m practicing this WAY more than I practiced my saxophone in junior high… I KNOW that!


Week 21 – Being a Rule Follower

I follow rules when it suits me. That is not to say that I will rob a bank if I need money. My intentional expression here is that I generally believe that rules are good and NEED to be followed. HOWEVER… as humans sometimes get carried away with things like rules, there NEEDS to be some common sense applied here. If it is three o’clock in the morning and I am on a rural road in the middle of flat desert wasteland and the full moon has the world lit up like mid-day in July and I am approaching a four-way stop, I probably won’t come to a complete stop. If I’m in the middle of Anytown, USA and the local school just let the kids out and I approach a four-way stop, I can just about guarantee that not only will I come to a complete stop, I will expect EVERYONE else to do the same. These things seem like common sense to me. These are the places I have drawn lines. The lines kind of move around a bit, but they follow a general law of keeping everyone safe and traffic flowing freely.

So WHY is it such a struggle to think good thoughts and expect good results? Think BIGGER good thoughts, expect BIGGER results. The 7 Laws of the Mind are a game-changing concept for me. Now I just need to decide where to draw my lines.

Week 20 – Power of Thought

I have heard the saying, “If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you’d never think a negative thought again…”

What we think, we become. Our thoughts have energy. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. right… I get it… or do I? How many times do I have to hear something to get so tired of it that I say I understand it… and I kind of do. But if I REALLY think about it, I mean CONCENTRATE on it, do I get it more?


So that is where I am with this power of thought thing. I’ve read books on quantum physics, quantum mechanics, the zeno effect… blah, blah, that’s amazing!, blah…. I’ve been to energy readings with psychics, and I’ve experienced some AMAZING evidence. What happens when I sit and just THINK about these pieces of evidence is incredible. My little brain goes to new places and opens new doors of possibility. Possibility. Now I need to see the evidence. I don’t want small evidence either… I want BIG evidence. I want OMG!! evidence… I’m going to keep sitting, thinking, and practicing. The Seven Laws of the Mind… that’s a BIG deal.

Week 19 – Fear and Concentration

Fear is such an amazing motivator. But what do you do when you have committed to stay out of fear? Where is the motivation generated? Greed? Lust? Hunger? Envy? Pride? Wrath? Without it (motivation) we end up in sloth… WOW! Heavy topic.

So if we swing to the opposite side of the playground we have Charity, Chastity, Temperance, Kindness, Humility, Forgiveness, Diligence…

Geez, when I look at it like THAT… no WONDER fear is such a great motivator!! LOL!!

Taking the time to concentrate and REALLY focus on what is going on and the direction I want to be going is a REAL challenge. My mind tends to wander. The focused concentration turns into time-wasting fantasy. Bring it back. Re-direct. The conscious mind is a BEAST to tame… and then it happens… it goes down the perfect path and vision comes together and everything synchronizes.





Week 18 – Law of Attraction and the Power to Create

Concentrate on your power to create; seek insight, perception. When you finish a computer program you can run a test to see if the processor goes through all of the steps that are in the design. I need that for my brain. I need to know if I am presently sending the proper messages. I understand this takes practice. I understand this takes patience. I am fine with that. I just want to know if I am sending the right signals. I am continuing to send these signals and seeing what transpires. I just don’t want to get 6 months down the road and find out that I have a message backwards and I suddenly turn into a vegetarian (not that vegetarians are bad people, it’s just not what I want for me)! I don’t want to WASTE time. AND I want to get MOVING!!

Week 17 HJ

Wow, so much good stuff!

This week my virtue is Taking Initiative. I see this all over the place, which is reassuring because I chose it as one of my weaker attributes. Once the thought of the virtue is in my head I see it EVERYWHERE. It’s WAY worse than the new car syndrome… The exercise is so illuminating. I really see how just being aware of a thing makes it so apparent. It REALLY gets me fired up to take more control of the random thoughts generated in my subconscious mind.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 8.19.02 PM.png

The Hero’s Journey is our current/next lesson. I THINK there is a LOT to be learned here and I hope I grasp it and put into action the steps necessary to have an AMAZING journey. I suppose in THEORY I am already on an amazing journey and I just don’t see fit as such yet. I am expecting EPIC transformation. I am NOT satisfied with piddly diddly (that’s right I said it… PIDDLY DIDDLY… they are going to have to put a warning label on THIS post) advances in my life. I am going for EPIC!! (Yeah, I need some kind of bigger font there… not enough emphasis)


Week 17 – Concentration

“Concentration does not mean mere thinking of thoughts, but the transmutation of these thoughts into practical values; the average person has no conception of the meaning of concentration. … Momentary enthusiasm is of no value; it is only with unbounded self-confidence that the goal is reached.”


Right?! So the real trick that we hear OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again is to IMAGINE with EMOTION. BELIEVE that we are there. I love the seven laws of the mind at play here and again probably the most important and often overlooked is the law of the subconscious:

As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works constantly, 24-7, to manifest demand  –  accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.

So getting the subconscious onboard is OBVIOUSLY important… I think maybe that is my issue, my subconscious mind is a paranoid insomniac. I mean we KNOW that the subconscious never sleeps, but MY subconscious thinks that EVERYONE is out to get it! Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t gunning for you! I am sticking with this program. One of us is going to crack and since I am getting rest at night it HAS to be my subconscious… EVERYONE knows that sleep deprivation is bad for you. PLUS!!! I have this AWESOME new affirmation:

I give myself permission to be happy and to allow my subconscious mind to positively affect my world.

Week 16 – 13 Virtues

What a GREAT assignment. Sort these 13 virtues from personal weakest to strongest and then spend a week focusing on noticing each one. Week one was NOT so very strong. <sad face>

I chose decisiveness, and it was easily (conveniently) forgotten. Week 2 I HAD to have a better plan so I whipped this up in photoshop and printed it on a 3X5 card:IMG_9443.jpg

It’s a little battered from riding around in my pocket, but every time I pulled out my phone (which is a LOT) I was reminded… It’s working!! (I included a PDF in case you want to print one up yourself…) I just keep tally marks every time I see or participate in a kindness… WOOHOO… Perhaps this exercise tells me I need to get out of the house more.  <shocked face>

AND… bonus points, when the week is over I can drop it into my pile of flash cards!!


kindness triangle

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