Week 17 HJ

Wow, so much good stuff!

This week my virtue is Taking Initiative. I see this all over the place, which is reassuring because I chose it as one of my weaker attributes. Once the thought of the virtue is in my head I see it EVERYWHERE. It’s WAY worse than the new car syndrome… The exercise is so illuminating. I really see how just being aware of a thing makes it so apparent. It REALLY gets me fired up to take more control of the random thoughts generated in my subconscious mind.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 8.19.02 PM.png

The Hero’s Journey is our current/next lesson. I THINK there is a LOT to be learned here and I hope I grasp it and put into action the steps necessary to have an AMAZING journey. I suppose in THEORY I am already on an amazing journey and I just don’t see fit as such yet. I am expecting EPIC transformation. I am NOT satisfied with piddly diddly (that’s right I said it… PIDDLY DIDDLY… they are going to have to put a warning label on THIS post) advances in my life. I am going for EPIC!! (Yeah, I need some kind of bigger font there… not enough emphasis)



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