Week 23 – Thoughts and Emotions

I am not Vulcan. To those of you who don’t have a BASIC knowledge of sci-fi…

a) embrace the art

2) Vulcans don’t exhibit emotion

To continue… this class in which I am participating is BASED on science. Atoms, thoughts, quantum physics, energy… it all DRIVES outcome. Having thoughts is one thing, applying emotion, feeling, and intensity is QUITE another. I wasn’t raised with tons of emotion being the norm or acceptable. That’s not to say that it was squelched, it just wasn’t encouraged. We didn’t discuss our feelings. When exercises in this course require me to apply feeling… it is an exponentially difficult challenge. I’m doing it to the best of my ability and I know that I am getting better. I am going along for the ride… I hope I last to the end.


2 thoughts on “Week 23 – Thoughts and Emotions

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  1. You obviously lasted to the end since I’m writing this comment after it, so CONGRATULATIONS Nelson! I can relate very much to your experience with feelings, as i realized some years ago that I had difficulty with this too. I had noticed that people didn’t know what I was feeling most of the time, and I didn’t know either, except when I was exploding of anger! It is not that I had no feelings, it’s just that I was not feeling them, because I had been trained like this during my childhood, most probably on a similar way as you are reporting in your post…As the Universe is largely treating us according to our states of emotions, it’s a good idea to find some ways to reconnect to them on one way or another…Hopefully, scroll 6 is coming to rescue us 🙂 Thanks for your sharing Nelson, I loved it!


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