Week 21 – Being a Rule Follower

I follow rules when it suits me. That is not to say that I will rob a bank if I need money. My intentional expression here is that I generally believe that rules are good and NEED to be followed. HOWEVER… as humans sometimes get carried away with things like rules, there NEEDS to be some common sense applied here. If it is three o’clock in the morning and I am on a rural road in the middle of flat desert wasteland and the full moon has the world lit up like mid-day in July and I am approaching a four-way stop, I probably won’t come to a complete stop. If I’m in the middle of Anytown, USA and the local school just let the kids out and I approach a four-way stop, I can just about guarantee that not only will I come to a complete stop, I will expect EVERYONE else to do the same. These things seem like common sense to me. These are the places I have drawn lines. The lines kind of move around a bit, but they follow a general law of keeping everyone safe and traffic flowing freely.

So WHY is it such a struggle to think good thoughts and expect good results? Think BIGGER good thoughts, expect BIGGER results. The 7 Laws of the Mind are a game-changing concept for me. Now I just need to decide where to draw my lines.


One thought on “Week 21 – Being a Rule Follower

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  1. Hey Nelson, I get your point and you made me realized that I have drawn my lines too in many daily life situations, and boy, some of these lines are clearly not fitting some dummy rules we are supposed to follow! Yes, the MKMMA environment is definitly attended by a bunch of rebels! Now when coming to the 7 laws of the mind, I am much more careful in playing with the rules, because these ones are not issued by humans, but by something which seems to me much closer to God Himself! Thanks for this inspiring post.


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